Sexy and Sacred

Tantra and Bodywork Offerings

Sexual pleasure is a life affirming energy which can help sustain us through the high and lows of daily living throughout our entire lifetime, whether single or in relationship.’  Our experience of sensual and sexual pleasure is influenced by our personal and cultural beliefs, our gender and our past experience. As we live and go through the unfolding of life and the stages of youth, young adulthood and moving to intimate partnerships, marriage, middle age and older age, our sensual and sexual life changes affected by a myriad of factors including emotional relationships, stress, work, raising children, family and our health just to name a few.

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Sacred Sexuality

Sexuality and relateness, not only to out special partner but in a broader view to the community in which we interact is the kin pin of harmony and kindness in society. When we as individuals, can negotiate our sexuality; including our sexual impulses and our emotion feelings, through life and do no emotional, physical, or spiritual harm to ourselves or others then we lead a ‘well life!” building good karma instead of leaving karma that we need to attend to at a future time.


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Tantra For Him

Available in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, New Castle. Perfect for any man in your life if you want him to ‘up skill’ and learn the secrets of Tantra. He will discover: • Ways to turn sex into lovemaking • Enhancing ejaculation control and virility • Tantric sexual communication skills so you can guide him to giving you more of what you want in bed • Tantric heart-to-heart connection • Spiritual wave meditation • Transforming sexual loving • Tantric sexual meditation • Whole body orgasm • Erotic Tantric massage skills. Each session is individualised to suit each man. The emphasis of the sessions is on education. Let a Tantra Goddess take the hard work out of ‘up skilling’ you man! ( or come along as a couple to learn and experience together). Think of a gift certificate for the man in your life to benefit from the skills of tantric education. Perhaps consider the ex – who you still are fond of, and send him along so that he can move on and evolve! Send a partner along on his own or join him for a private couples lesson with a Tantric educator.

Tantra For Her

This session is for women of all ages who want to explore the soulfulness of sex and cultivate their inner divine sexiness. Experience: - Connection between sexuality and spirituality - Realize your sacred feminine power - Expand your knowledge of sexual skills - Celebrate a new depth of sexual self-acceptance Transform Celebrate Empower Connect Divine Feminine is a celebration of the divine nature of women. Experience the fundamental teachings on spirituality and sexuality. Unleash your feminine power, expand your spiritual growth and your connection with the Divine. Explore pleasure, passion and intimacy. Connect with earth energies. Celebrate your sexuality and revel in your luscious, feminine essence. Transform your consciousness through rhythm and sound.

Tantric Sessions

Tantric love for relatiosnhips will put new energy into your loving relationship,

Do you want to rediscover and re-meet each other?

Are you ready to discover the benefits of Tantra to unite body, heart and spirit with your partner?

Have you already a tantric practice and what to learn more? Develop a tantra practice with your beloved to empower your relationship on every level: body, heart and soul.

These sessions are individualized to your needs. A four session course is available.

You can learn the theory and practices of sexual tantra and of tantric lovemaking giving you the tools to connect the energy of sexuality with the energy of deep love, blending them into soulful experience of bliss. Sessions are tailored for your individual circumstances to suit all levels of tantra.

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