Tantra Teacher training- Byron Bay October 2015

Australian School of Tantra

Tantra Professional training and development

See below for testimonials and recommendations

Professional Tantra training in contemporary skills of tantra and practices to assist couples and can be adapted for singles.

  • Add tantra skills to your current modality

  • Or teach independently

  • Working with women, men or couples

  • Assisting in enriching relationships

  • Personally invaluable!

If you are practicing in an holist health modality such as; massage, reiki, sexual health, life coach, counsellor, marriage counsellor or  medical professional  you will find this course and training invaluable  giving insights, tools, techniques gathered from Diane and Kerry’s life time of  work in Sacred Sexuality and Tantra and relationship counselling (over 30 years each).

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Common motivations why people want to find out about Tantra

  • Just interested to see what Tantra has to offer.
  • Interested in holistic approach to sexuality/relationship.
  • Knows there must be more to sexuality and relationship.
  • Too busy, too tired, kids etc and sex is not happening .
  • Want to explore more experiences.
  • Want to learn some sensual/erotic massage skills.
  • She has lost her desire or he has lost his so there is a difference in desire.
  • Want to put a new spark in our love life.
  • S/he wants more intimacy in relationship and sex.
  • Want to bring more soulfulness into or love life.
  • Her orgasm is elusive or unreliable orgasm.
  • He doesn’t last long enough.
  • Sometimes one of them has had an affair and they think Tantra may help the healing and build trust again
  • One or both have broken up before from a long term relationship/ marriage. Now s/he has a new relationship and wants to learn other ways in improve sex and relationship.
  • New in relationships/sexuality- want to gain more confidence.
  • New young family and s/he less libido.
  • She has gone through menopause and doesn’t feel as sexy and it’s upsetting their relationship.
  • Health or lifestyle issues affecting couples intimacy.

TESTIMONIALS:  from couples who have attended Private Couples Coaching Sessions and have learned the practices that you will be learning to teach in this training.

Kylie (26) – Visual Merchandiser, Neil (26) – eCommerce Developer. 2yr old relationship, living together.
Kylie: My partner bought me a gift of a Tantra Couples Coaching Session, I have been trained in Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda, but have never attended any workshops or sessions in Tantra.  I found the affirmation of each other and our relationship to be incredibly powerful, as well as the breathing, and I look forward to incorporating pranayama and asana into the bedroom. Tantra is a beautiful practise that deepens love both physically and spiritually, and I feel very excited to grow our love in the relationship and carry it out into the world.

Neil: I wanted to buy my partner a gift, and having studied Meditation and practised Yoga,  I decided on a Private Tantra Couples Coaching Session with Diane Riley from the Australian School of Tantra after reading online reviews of her work. I really benefited in the session from learning the breathing skills and connecting energy with my partner. I also valued learning how the appreciation of my partner plays a part in the energy, and realising that there is a constant connecting with your partner, and it is important to use Tantra to better experience it. Great Session!

Aaron: Masculine and Feminine energy are both within us and will ebb and flow. Sexual energy and desire are an integral part of an intimate relationship and must be given sufficient priority to foster the love people share. It  was very special to meet and be taught by Diane, who clearly has a wonderful wealth of knowledge, skill and technique to share. Her manner is both highly professional and somewhat loving and maternal! If you have the slightest inkling to deepen and strengthen your relationship, come and see Diane!

Karen: The environment where the session took place was comfortable, and Diane’s teaching method shows her understanding of the needs and wants of her students. Any thoughts / questions we had were answered and didn’t leave us feeling ‘unanswered’. We particularly benefitted from learning structured communication practises and committing to making time in our schedules to really ‘be’ with each other and take our practises further. I highly recommend anyone to participate in a Tantra Couples Coaching Session to enhance their relationship through increasing intimacy, communication and deepening sexuality.


Lani – Practicing Tantra Teacher for 15 years,

“In her work with couples Diane Riley is a living embodiment of conscious, mature, soulful, sexy and sacred love. She is a woman who knows the power of honest, open, authentic sharing and generously offers this gift to all that she works with. Diane and her beloved Kerry have been married for 30 years and have been facilitating couples seminars together for over 20 years. Diane draws upon the insights, wisdom and compassion she has gained through both her personal and professional experiences, to invite couples to transform their relationships by opening their hearts to the beauty of love and emotional intimacy, sharing the playfulness of giving and receiving pleasure and the erotic exploration of each other, and saying ‘yes’ to passion, ‘yes’ to learning how to make love, and ‘yes’ to taking their relationship into the deeper realms of sacred union. Many of us lose ourselves in another. Diane has the extraordinary ability to hold such a sacred space for couples that they are able to find themselves within each other, and honour sex as a healing, soulful force in their relationship”….