Tantra: Sexy and Sacred author Diane Riley

4th Annual Sex and Consciosness Conference in Byron Bay: Feb 10th-12th, Byron Bay Community Centre. 2012. Kerry Riley will be presenting and will be introduced by Diane who will speak about the inspiration for the development of the.  Tantra Goddess Programme in Australia.

Diane presented at the Divine Feminine Conference Sydney November 2011.

Divine Feminine Conference-Diane and Trina

Divine Feminine 'Tantra and sacred sexuality'

Diane Riley was the opening keynote speaker at Divine Feminine 2011. Diane is an engaging and experienced presenter who enlightened and entertained her audience on the subject of Pleasure. Diane is highly knowledgeable on the subjects of Tantra and sacred sexuality. She presents what can be a confronting topic skillfully, with ease and humour. We are looking forward having Diane present at our next Divine Feminine event.

PRESENTED AT:Tantra – 3rd Annual Sex and Consciousness Conference in Byron Bay
‘Sexy and Sacred’ author and director of the Australian School of Tantra – Diane Riley
Diane Riley  with her partner, Kerry Riley, was at the forefront of the introduction of the philosophy of sacred sexuality to Australia. Her contribution to sacred sexuality , tantra and tantric sex and understanding relationships has been recognised worldwide with the success of the DVD, ‘The Secrets of Sacred Sex’, which has now sold over 200,000 copies. Tantra magazine, considered the authority in the field of conscious loving, has commented: ‘It’s the best DVD in the area… We highly recommend it!’ Diane has also co-authored, with Kerry Riley, the book ‘Sexual Secrets for Men: What every woman would want her man to know’, which has sold over 40,000 copies in Australia, and is published in several languages, including Spanish and German.

Diane Riley director of the Australian School of tantra  trained originally as a yoga and meditation teacher with the East West Foundation in Sydney, Australia. Subsequently, she studied sacred sexuality, tantra and Taoism throughout the world with leading teachers in this field, including authors Dr Stephen Chang, Charles and Caroline Muir, Larry Collins, and David and Ellen Ramsdale. She also studied advanced sexuality at Moore University, USA. Diane has also studied with Relationships Australia, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)  level 1 and 11, and various counseling modalities plus shiatsu and tantric massage.

Diane runs a private consultancy  ‘Sexy and sacred’ for couples and singles, assisting with issues of sacred sexuality and relationships, communication, and men’s and women’s sexual wellness.

Sexy and sacred is a She has been a popular, annual presenter at the Sydney ‘Mind, Body, Spirit Festival’, and also conducted seminars at the International Women’s Day ‘Go-Girl’ festival as well as facilitating workshops for hundreds of women and couples in Sydney, Melbourne and in regional centres across Australia as well as in New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Canada and England.

As Australia’s leading teacher of sacred sexuality, Diane has extensive experience in television, radio, magazine and press. She has been interviewed for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian , Penthouse magazine, Cleo and Cosmopolitan magazines  and has appeared on programs such as Good Morning Australia, 9 am breakfast, SBS series  ‘From boys to men’,  ABC Radio National’s inquiry program, The Spirit of Things and on Australia’s popular Sex Life TV program.

Highly regarded as a versatile, authoritative speaker on sacred sexuality, tantra and related women’s issues, Diane is also a popular guest on women’s lifestyle and talkback programs. In a launch of the Kylie Minogue lingerie line, Diane was as a guest presenter on the topic ‘The Modern Day Goddess’. She was also featured in the multi –media presentation of ‘Sex, Death and Desire’ at the Sydney Opera House, Australia.

Following the success of the international bestseller ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’ (now in its fourth reprint), this book is a much awaited sequel, written specifically for women.

4th Annual Sex Conference of Sex and Consciousness:

Who will be there and what will be happening?
Diane and Kerry Riley from the Australian School of Tantra will be presenting with other Australasia’s leading Sex Educators, Sex Therapists, Tantra Teachers, Intimacy & Relationship Coaches, Counsellors, Sexual Healers & Practitioners.  All speakers  will be showcasing the latest developments and expansions in the Sacred Sex & Consciousness field over 3 exciting days. Special guest Presenter’s from USA, India, Japan & New Zealand are also attending to support this educational & community creating event.

Diane and Kerry will present in Stream 1

Presentation: To give practitioners and those interested practical ways of working with couples and singles to help magnify their sexual pleasure and to make sex a more intimate soulful experience.

Kerry will present case studies of clients and offer insights on different skills and practices a modern day Dakini may add to her work.  This session will be of benefit those who work in the area of sacred sexual education and healing as well as to those in other well being modalities.  His presentation will cover deeper insights into the normal methods of improving ejaculation control and erection difficulty, plus ways of increasing levels of desire and harmonising differences in desire. Also included will be more complicated issues like working with men with prostate cancer and women who have lost desire.

Stream 2

Presentation: “Sex and Pleasure Throughout Life”

Sexual pleasure is a life affirming energy which can help sustain us through the high and lows of daily living throughout our entire lifetime, whether single or in relationship.’  Our experience of sensual and sexual pleasure is influenced by our personal and cultural beliefs, our gender and our past experience. As we live and go through the unfolding of life and the stages of youth, young adulthood and moving to intimate partnerships, marriage, middle age and older age, our sensual and sexual life changes affected by a myriad of factors including emotional relationships, stress, work, raising children, family and our health just to name a few.

Kerry and Diane Riley will share with you some of their insights into building and nurturing sexual/ sensual pleasure throughout these different stages of life drawing from contemporary sex research, the traditions of ecstatic sexuality, and a wealth of practical experience honed from their 30 years of professional experience assisting and teaching thousands of people in the area of contemporary tantra, sex, love and relationships.

Diane and Kerry really enjoyed presenting as well as attending the 3rd world Australian Sex and Consiousness conference in their home town Byron Bay held at the Byron Bay Community Centre!

Our talks were vowed most favourite by many of the attendees and we have been invited to talk as premier speakers at the next conference in 2012.

Sexuality and relateness, not only to out special partner but in a broader view to the community in which we interact is the kin pin of harmony and kindness in society.

When we as individuals, can negotiate our sexuality; including our sexual impulses and our emotion feelings, through life and do no emotional, physical, or spiritual harm to ourselves or others then we lead a ‘well life!” building good karma instead of leaving karma that we need to attend to at a future time.