Sexual - tantric - Secrets for Men by Kerry and Diane Riley

Tantric – Sexual Secrets for Men, what every woman will want her man to know.
Authors Kerry Riley with Diane Riley 280 pages.

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Being a good lover isn’t easy. With more freedom, knowledge, and body awareness, today’s woman knows better than to settle for predictable, performance-based sex. Sexual Secrets for Men provides everything a man needs to know to satisfy a woman’s physical, emotional, and spiritual yearnings within their relationship.
The message of Sexual Secrets for Men is powerful yet simple: truly great sex is much more than just physical contact. It combines sexual pleasure with love and deep intimacy. This outstanding book contains information that can make any man not just a good lover, but a truly extraordinary and caring lover. And the truth is, that is what every woman yearns for in a man!

Employing ancient Tantric secrets, Kerry and Diane Riley show how to translate sex into passionate lovemaking, pleasure into ecstasy, and partnership into union. Their expert teachings represent a committed couple practicing ecstatic sexuality within the challenges of a modern day lifestyle. The authors provide couples with radical techniques to enrich lovemaking, support and sustain sexual and emotional connections within the context of a busy family life and to experience lovemaking as a sacred practice. Through their approach, couples will find new ways to fulfill each other on the levels of body, heart, and soul to keep their love and passion alive.

Testimonials from readers.
Review 1
The best book, I’ve ever read for men who want to learn the essence of Tantra without all the attached Eastern mysticism.  And I have read a few! Whether you’re looking to last longer in bed, bring more pleasure to your partner, and bring a heightened sense of love and spirituality to your relationship, I found this helpful for all of these things. The techniques and their benefits are broken down into simple, easy to read steps and significance.

Review 2,
This book is a wonderful presentation of good information for “mature adult” relationships. It’s a handbook for men on how to communicate the love they feel to the woman in their life. As a teacher it breaks my heart to see our kids respond to all the bad roll models that are forever in the news. The various media put out so much “bad” information w.r.t sexuality and relationships. As a woman I was literally dumbfounded that this Australian man could write so clearly and concisely about my fears, desires and experiences. And he had information for my partner on how to lovingly support me both in and out of the bedroom. I encourage reading this as a couple. As a Mom of two adult children and a teen, I feel the best I can do as a parent is to share good information which will hopefully lead to good decisions. I fully intend to share this with my son in anticipation of his wedding, with my daughter to help her clarify what she wants in a relationship and likewise with my teen as he moves into adulthood.
As a over 50 conservative girl-next-door, I am not comfortable with the “selling of sex” that can be associated with some of the tantric literature and media. But I honestly believe that everyone should consider at least the first 4 chapters of this book. I can’t help wondering how different all of our lives would have been if our fathers had had this information.