The Sacred sexuality for women

Divine Feminine speakers: Diane and Eve

Divine Feminine speakers: Diane and Eve

Divine feminine conference 2011

Divine Feminine conference 2011

Divine Feminine

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Divine Feminine is a celebration of the divine nature of women. Experience the fundamental teachings on spirituality and sexuality. Unleash your feminine power, expand your spiritual growth and your connection with the Divine. Explore pleasure, passion and intimacy. Connect with earth energies. Celebrate your sexuality and revel in your luscious, feminine essence. Transform your consciousness through rhythm and sound.

Our star-studded line-up includes, internationally acclaimed expert on sacred sexuality and Tantra, Diane Riley, Quest for Life Founder, Petrea King, and Kundalini Yoga authority, Swami Satyadharma.

Divine Feminine Speakers – Inspired Women

Divine Feminine Conference was the first of it’s kind in Australia. Thank you Trina, who brought together wonderful presenters on spirituality and sexuality and women participants.

Watch this space for next years dates.

Diane Riley was the opening keynote speaker at Divine Feminine 2011. Diane is an engaging and experienced presenter who enlightened and entertained her audience on the subject of Pleasure. Diane is highly knowledgeable on the subjects of Tantra and sacred sexuality. She presents what can be a confronting topic skillfully, with ease and humour. We are looking GODDESSES DIANE AND VICKIforward having Diane present at our next Divine Feminine event.

Trina Bawden-Smith

Event Director

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