Tantra Testimonials

Tantra Session for Couples: Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth

Tantra Session with Diane Riley in Byron Bay (May 2010)
“We were extremely happy with the entire Tantric experience. Diane guided us gently through each session in a non-threatening environment. It has bought us to a deep level in intimacy and excitement, and our love life has been rejuvenated. I definitely believe that everyone should experience this at least once in their lifetime” Karen.

Tantra Session with Diane Riley in Byron Bay:

When my partner and I were beginning a Tantra course with Diane Riley we didn’t really know what to expect. Let alone how it was going to change our relationship and even our lives. When we started It was all very relaxing and easy to understand – and we felt comfortable to talk to each other in front of Diane who we only just met.

The whole concept of Tantra was described very simply. Diane has so much experience on the topic that we realised we were in safe hands and it was going to take our relationship to the next level we needed. I could see already this was going to lead to receiving more of the ‘deep’ love and close connection that I craved. It also instructed My partner clearly how to communicate this to me, which he really found refreshing as a man.

My partner and I shared in the class and went over the exercises that we had to do at home. It was exciting to know we had extra work to do on our own afterwards!

The main thing that has come from only a couple of really easy exercises was the depth of our love to each other. I feel appreciated, respected. Most of all I feel longed-for as a woman. Another surprise that I have to add is that we are now expecting our first child! After doing the exercises a few times we just knew that we were ready to take on making a baby together. We knew that all the baby needed was love and Tantra made us realise this loud and clear, I guess we discovered that it was time to create something special out of our love for one another. Using Tantra we had no problems falling pregnant, in fact it was within the first month that we conceived our baby who is due in two weeks!!.

I would recommend Tantra to any couple that feel like there is something more to gain from their relationship. If you want to get to the level of intimacy that you could only imagine in fantasies was possible of achieving with another person. There is nothing to lose from doing Tantra classes, it only adds love and makes more and more of the good stuff that you want to get from your partner.

Thanks Diane, for sharing all your wonderful knowledge with us.

Petrus and Lauren and little bubba on his way into the world.

Lauren (April 2010)