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Tantric Educator and author Diane Riley in Byron

The Australian School of Tantra (ASOT) provides the opportunity for couples to learn the skills of tantra in a private, safe, supportive environment with a  Tantric Coach , in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle or in Byron Bay.

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Do you want to rediscover and re-meet each other?

Are you ready to discover the benefits of Tantra to unite body, heart and spirit with your partner?

Have you already a tantric practice and what to learn more? Develop a tantra practice with your beloved to empower your relationship on every level: body, heart and soul.

These sessions are individualized to your needs. A four session course is available.

You can learn the theory and practices of sexual tantra and of tantric lovemaking giving you the tools to connect the energy of sexuality with the energy of deep love, blending them into soulful experience of bliss. Sessions are tailored for your individual circumstances to suit all levels of tantra.

Lessons are $285 per couple.

All the Australian School of Tantra (ASOT) coaches have studied extensively with ASOT .

Sharon is  the tantra  couple’s coach in Sydney, Satyo in  Wollongong and the Shoal Haven Roberston area, Lani in Newcastle, Laura is in Melbourne, Adianna in Perth

For further inquiries and to book your first couples sessions Call Diane on 0404 468618 or email.

tantric coach Adriana

Tantric Coach Sydney, Sharon

Tantric Coach Sydney, Sharon

Tantric Educator -  Satyo Sullivan

Tantric coach Melbourne, Laura

Tantric coach Melbourne, Laura

Hi Sharon, Well what can we say we had an awesome weekend away exploringeach other ! Thank you so muchfor your highlevel of knowledge andprofessionalism that allowed us to access tantra. We are massive fans now!! We have never spoken so much or taken so much time to love each others bodies and it’sbeen fantastic!We know our tantric journey has only just begun and we are so excited where it will take us.
Thanks L. March 29th 2010

Thank you for our session last night – really enjoyable, eye opening, confronting, intense but well worth it. We are definitely keen for the next session perhaps in 2 weeks time.

It brought up a bit of stuff for me re my shyness and inability to really open up in the bedroom but that is why I was really open to giving tantra a go, to work on some of these issues.
thanx A.

Hi Sharon, Thanks for your text message this morning. My partner and I had a great time last night and want to thank you so much for making itsuch a wonderful experience. We were quite nervous about it, but you made us feel very at ease and comfortable. It truly was a pleasure meeting you and we are looking forward to our next session.
Regards D. March 21

April 4th
Dear Sharon,

I want to thank you so much…
Our session last Saturday was absolutely beautiful. Your guidance allowed us to create such an amazing, love-filled space, something we know is always there for us but is not always as easy to access. Now we have more tools to nourish and experience our love together. I always knew practicing tantra would be an amazing experience for us and our session with you went above and beyond both our expectations.
Luv M.

Tantra Lessons with Diane in Byron Bay:


Testimonial for Diane Riley,

When my partner and I were beginning a Tantra course with Diane Riley we didn’t really know what to expect. Let alone how it was going to change our relationship and even our lives. When we started It was all very relaxing and easy to understand – and we felt comfortable to talk to each other in front of Diane who we only just met.

The whole concept of Tantra was described very simply. Diane has so much experience on the topic that we realised we were in safe hands and it was going to take our relationship to the next level we needed. I could see already this was going to lead to receiving more of the ‘deep’ love and close connection that I craved. It also instructed My partner clearly how to communicate this to me, which he really found refreshing as a man.

My partner and I shared in the class and went over the exercises that we had to do at home. It was exciting to know we had extra work to do on our own afterwards!

The main thing that has come from only a couple of really easy exercises was the depth of our love to each other. I feel appreciated, respected. Most of all I feel longed-for as a woman. Another surprise that I have to add is that we are now expecting our first child! After doing the exercises a few times we just knew that we were ready to take on making a baby together. We knew that all the baby needed was love and Tantra made us realise this loud and clear, I guess we discovered that it was time to create something special out of our love for one another. Using Tantra we had no problems falling pregnant, in fact it was within the first month that we conceived our baby who is due in two weeks!!.

I would recommend Tantra to any couple that feel like there is something more to gain from their relationship. If you want to get to the level of intimacy that you could only imagine in fantasies was possible of achieving with another person. There is nothing to lose from doing Tantra classes, it only adds love and makes more and more of the good stuff that you want to get from your partner.

Thanks Diane, for sharing all your wonderful knowledge with us.

Petrus and Lauren and little bubba on his way into the world.

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Tantra workshops for couples

Kelli B (Nov 2011)

Diane’s approach to sexuality and connectedness leaves you feeling so comfortable and in a safe space to express what is missing or what isn’t working as well as you would like in your sexual relationship so you are left more empowered and excited to expand and take your relationship to a whole new level. Brilliant experience. Thankyou Diane!     Darwyn B (Nov 2011) (Age 35, becoming a Landmark Trainer)

I was so impressed by Diane’s insights into the dynamics of man/woman relationships. I saw the value of taking the time to do the basics, appreciating the ‘differences’ instead of my usual resistance and reaction to my partners ‘feminine communication skills’. I’ll be able to relax and enjoy my beloved a lot more deeply than ever before. Thanks Diane.

8/10/11 MARK V

I experienced how to begin to feel through my heart and into my fiancés.

It was a brand new feeling for me to really open my heart to her, I love her, but prior to these lessonsI’m now aware I wasn’t totally present in my love with her, and also the experience of incorporating meditation has been truly valuable. Thankyou awesome experiences!

8/10/11 DANIELLE J

The experience of opening up our hearts and balancing/connecting them with yoni and linga is what has made the biggest impact for me. Also opening up our hearts and enhancing non-verbal communication as well as enhancing constructive communication. I can see how important these new skills will be in our loving relationship.

Ross K (Nov 2011):

Tantric breathing to harmonise our emotional and sexual energies, this brings us into ‘sync’ when we have been in our own lives in the world. As we live apart, I can really see great value in these tantric breathing skills to bring us into harmony as a fast-track method. My partner is a very feminine woman and hearing Diane talk to us about the importance of ‘appreciating’ and ‘validating’ the feminine goddess energy brought to me a much deeper appreciation for me to enjoy and build our polarity and our ‘yin and yang’ essence. Thankyou! (Journey Work)

Barbara (Nov 2011)

I’ve been cultivating my inner divine goddess, and now in my mid life have attracted a beautfil man into my life. We enjoy a wonderful new relationship full of passion and vitality. Having an open mind to the ‘softer side’ of Tantra is a clear path / direction to a more fulfilling sexual and sensual life.

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