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Tantra Couples Weekend: Melbourne 27/28/29 July 2012

Whether you want to bring more pleasure to a partner, or a heightened sense of love and soulfulness to your life or relationship, Diane and Kerry Riley’s teachings of contemporary Tantra are accessible to everyone and profound combining sexuality, spirituality and the path partnership.

The practices of Tantra affect you on all levels: Body, heart, and soul.
You will leave with skills to :

  • Enhance love
  • Keep renewing love and passion
  • Balance time for love life with busy lifestyle
  • Expand emotional intimacy skills
  • Develop sensuality communication
  • Harmonise libido
  • Increase desire: Low sexual energy / menopause / busy family
  • Connect in a ‘spiritual way’ with partner
  • Deepen your experience of physical pleasure for self / for your partner
  • Include meditation with lovemaking
  • Make love for longer
  • Ejaculation Mastery for men
  • Virility for Men

Please note: for those who are concerned “clothes on” at all times is compulsory! Optional exercises will be given to do at home. The workshop consists of lectures, guided practices, demonstration and DVD examples. Many of the practices taught are done individually or with your own partner. Other practices couples will be guided through practices with their own partner.

Tantra workshops and seminars

are for those who want to enhance

their relationship and sex life to encompass more

love and joy in their lives.

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A Tantra love relationship can be powerful, deeply connecting and transformative for partners, as individually and together in union. Tantra encourages couples to cultivate and expand soul-filled sexuality.
“If you want to know what sex is, think long and hard about a flower, especially its beauty and its appeal to the senses. Then think about all of nature and your place in it. Whatever makes a flower glow with enhancement is the essence of you own sexuality.”
Thomas Moore from ‘The Soul of Sex’.

sydneymay06TGIncreasingly couples are discovering the benefits of Tantra. Tantra is about expanding heartfelt connection and sexual wellness.
The Australian School of Tantra provides the opportunity for couples to learn the skills of tantra in a  safe, supportive environment with founders Diane and Kerry Riley. They are Australia’s most respected and experienced teachers of sacred sexuality. Couples workshops are designed for people of all levels, whether just interested, want to learn new skills or to put some zest into their relationship. Others who have already practiced some skills from Kerry’s and Diane’s books, DVD, or correspondence course find the couples seminar and workshop enrich and deepen their knowledge and practice of tantra.

As Australia most experienced tantra teachers, having studied, practiced and taught- in Australian and around the world for 30 years Kerry and Diane offer insights to couples who are new in relationship as well as those who have been partnered for many years.  They draw on deep and authentic experience having been teaching in this field for over 25 years and being committed in loving relationship ‘walking the talk’ of life and love within a tantric framework.

tantra teachersSeminars for lovers
Whether you want to bring more pleasure to a partner, or a heightened
sense of love and spirituality to your life or relationship, Diane and Kerry’s
teachings of contemporary Tantra are both profound and accessible to
everyone, combining sexuality, spirituality and the path of partnership.
Diane and Kerry share Tantric wisdom and practical knowledge so
valuable to modern committed relationships. Since 1978, they have been
committed to conscious relationship-building, researching, studying,
practicing and teaching Tantra—longer than any other Tantra teachers
in Australia. Their wealth of experience affords them insight and
understanding of the dynamics of sexuality and relationship.
Kerry is an internationally recognised Tantra Teacher. Kerry and his partner Diane’s, book “Sexual Secrets for Men” and DVD “The Secrets of Sacred Sex” have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide. They are founders of the Australian School of Tantra and have been teaching Tantra, meditation, erotic massage, arts of sacred sexuality, elements of Taoism and relationship and communication skills for 20 years. They are a committed and loving couple and are enthusiastic ambassadors for benefits of contemporary tantra.
If you are interested in a holistic approach to love and relationship give yourself the gift of learning more about Tantra.


Melbourne workshop: $1275.00 early bird, Byron Bay $995 ( locals discount available)  eight weeks before workshop dates  per couple,  ( including workbook and Couples Tantric Meditation CD’s, women Golden Tantric Meditation   – valued $100) excluding accommodation.
We are very happy to suggest accommodation and flight transfer details for Byron Bay.

Melb: City location.

Byron Bay:  7 Prior Drive (off Wood Cres) Byron Bay

Schedule for Workshops:

Friday   7 pm till 9.30 pm
Saturday  10 am  till 7 pm
Sunday  10 till 4.30.


“This workshop was amazing! It was exactly what my husband and I needed. There was a good balance of information, stories and practical skills. Thanks Diane and Kerry for your professional, practical and relaxed approach. It has changed my life already” Brigid (Apr 2010).

“The weekend was a good length of time, Presentation was thoughtful and non-confronting. All aspects of the course were of benefit”. Mark (Apr 2010)

“Very informative workshop, confronting in many ways with regards to my inability to express myself emotionally. But have learnt some very valuable skills to help me be more open emotionally and more communicative, Thankyou!” (Mel April 2010)

“Kerry and Diane do not preach but share their wealth of knowledge, and as a student you listen because you want to, Thankyou to you both” (Nazzareno Apr 2010)

“Thankyou for creating such a wonderful space for the weekend. Both of you are a true example of your learnings over the years, your experience is a true gift. I have been to many many workshops in my years of exploration and feel that this has been one that will have a lasting effect in all areas of my life.” Angela( April 2010)

“Nurturing experience with wonderful exercises in a safe environment” Judy (April 2010)

“Should be incorporated in teaching programs for all doctors and especially Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.” John (April 2010)

“Fantastic. Opens up a whole new world of pleasure and intimacy with my partner” Andrew (April 2010)

“Excellent course. Tantra at a contemporary level for the modern world and relationship. More about love, connection and self awareness. Thoroughly recommend it.” Dean (April 2010)

“This is a great workshop which we should have done earlier. It is something lots of couples should attend. We are both inspired and look forward to a healthy, long, inspired sex life”. Elisabeth (April 2010)

“This knowledge is essential for all ages. Sooner the better. Helps to enhance the love that brings people together and hold together for the full journey of life. As love tends to wear off with time and intimacy.” Nihal (April 2010)

” Diane and Kerry changed my life in 1988 with their Mind Powers course. I met my husband 3 weeks later. 22 years later they have changed my life again, this time in my relationship with my husband. I truly love their teaching.” Sheryn (April 2010)

‘Great connection between you both which translated into the workshop, holistic approach, great support and it was real – very earthy and down to earth’ Daisy, June 2010.

‘Excellent workshop. Done very respectfully, especially considering the topic. Good presentation and great practical skills, happy to recommend’ . Jude, June 2010.

‘For a busy life you have highlighted that it only takes a couple of minutes each day to find intimacy and to connect with each other – and it doesn’t have to be intercourse. Amy, June 2010

‘Congratulations on a well put together weekend, it was done in the most down to earth manner’. Brian, June 2010

‘It has helped me develop a better understanding of the wants and desires of women which will improve our relationship and love life’ Jock , June 2010

‘I want to thank you Diane and Kerry, I know John and I will put some of your practices in place to make our relationship more beneficial for our love and our loved ones and of course the universe, because I have learned the more my husband and I make contact the more powerful our relationship will become’ Marie, June 2010.

‘Kerry and Diane are not only masters of the art of lovemaking – they show couples how to be more kind, loving and patient with each other’. Shirley, June 2010.

‘Having used Tantra for four months it has had a very profound effect on our relationship and lovemaking.’ Tony, June 2010

‘Great course, thanks.’ Brendan, June 2010

‘Good clear instruction, sensitive delivery, enough time allowed for practice, overall great- thank you.’ Liza, June 2010

‘We have all gained substantially from Diane and Kerry’s knowledge, thankyou both’. Jill , June 2010

‘Thanks very much Dianne and Kerry, can’t wait to practice all these skills and learn much much more for our relationship as well as for my career as a Tantric teacher. I loved spending this special time with my partner and seeing him so happy and relaxed’ Diana , June 2010

‘I feel more conscious of the needs of my beloved and that I have been given an insight into a practical and fun way to nurture our relationship’. Dan June 2010

‘Fantastic workshop, you are both knowledgeable and have great skills in bringing couples who don’t know each other to talk about intimate subjects’. Mal June 2010

‘Doing daily devotion has been great for our relationship, learning more about my body has been very beneficial’ Glenda June 2010

‘Great weekend, certainly an eye opener and certainly learned from this weekend, many thanks’. John June 2010

‘It really highlighted for me patterns of ‘caretaking’ in our relationship that we both do that get in the way of connecting. Patterns of building resentments and issues of control that we/I have I think understood intellectually but have found behaving differently to shake up and illuminate what doesn’t work and a way forward, baby steps for us. Thankyou both for the respect and care shown throughout the weekend’ Zelinda June 2010.

‘My partner arranged for us to come, she and I knew it would probably be an uncomfortable experience for me. I do intimacy/relationships/emotions badly! Having said that, and also that I have felt like a fish out of water all weekend, I would like to commend Diane and Kerry for their welcoming and totally unthreatening approach for the entire seminar. Although I am not in tune with New Age Jargon, I will take away lots of practical and helpful ideas and concepts which will I have no doubt, assist in our relationship’. David June 2010