'Sexy and Sacred' for lovers

collageTantra or more specifically, Tantric sex is growing in recognition and popularity. More couples are discovering the benefits of Tantra. Tantra is about expanding heartfelt connection and sexual wellness. ‘Sexy and sacred’ Tantra for couples who wish to explore the soulfulness of sex, cultivate passion, and live with love in their relationship.

Take your lover on a  sexy and sacred journey with you to discover and explore love, passion and sexuality.

Start with your bedroom space, add a little goddess energy! Perhaps, flowers, music, fragrant incense, soft and sensuous fabrics to wear and to touch his skin with. Whether your relationship is new or you have been together for many years  invite your inner lover to express your sacred side.

You can read his and hers books! And then compare notes with each other, or try any of the many  exercises.

Perhaps watch the DVD. It is explicit, but the important difference to pornograhic DVD’s is each couple  is a loving and committed couple bringing intimacy, passion and the elements of tantra into their sexual loving relationship!

Tantra is not just about sexuality. For many the journey starts there but often the life enhancing perspectives honed and developed through their tantric experiences are then easily practiced and included in the rest of living! Life is easier and becomes less stressful. Health and well being improves and general relationships with friends and colleagues harmonise. Why, you may ask???

Because you will learn much more about yourself, your partner and human nature, these are the true benefits.

Extract from Sexy and Sacred

“In the seminars which Kerry and I conduct, we find that women
are more attracted to the Tantric approach and men more to the Taoist
approach, at least initially. However, as the men open their heart centres
more and become deeply connected with their women, they move
forwards into the Tantric approach to sexuality.
It is said that Tantra is the oldest single source of knowledge concerning
the energies of the mind, body and spirit. It is the origin and essence of
today’s popular studies and practices of Eastern philosophies, including
yoga, martial arts, tai chi and the grand philosophies of the Buddha,
Confucius and Lau Tzu.
Tantra means to expand, to be free, to be liberated. If we are to be
really free, our sexuality should not be repressed; it should be lived in its
totality with joy and without any guilt. The more we suppress sex, the
more we will be bound by it and the more it is repressed the more it wants
to burst out. The sad thing is that it often bursts out in harmful ways.
Tantra always emphasizes the sacredness in sex; and when a man
approaches his beloved, he should have a sacred feeling, as if he were
going into a temple. Tantra claims that to know the truth about love, you
need to accept the sacredness of sex.
Relics of Tantric rituals date back nearly 5,000 years and Tantric texts
began to appear within a few centuries of the beginning of the Christian
era. It is speculated that Indian Tantra, which spread to Tibet, may have
originated with ancient Taoists in China, then re-entered China hundreds
of years later and revitalised Taoist sexual practices.
Both Tantra and Taoism advocate exploring every aspect of life and
consciousness, so obviously the study of sexuality is included; not only
included, but revered. Through the centuries many mainstream religions
have frowned on Tantra and Taoism because both systems use sexual
union as a vehicle to enlightenment, as a way of experiencing a deep
connection with God, or the cosmos, or the divine, or the source of all
existence, or whatever you call it according to your beliefs.

Most religious
systems make sex taboo, claiming it leads man away from God. This
predominant religious approach created oppression which forced Tantric
practices underground. Its practices and rituals have been kept secret for
hundreds of years.
Only recently have Tantric and Taoist practices been interpreted,
published and made available for Western study. This has been refreshing
and enlightening for many of us because it has helped us to look at love
and sex from a different perspective.
Tantra’s introduction to the West can be paralleled to the introduction
of yoga and meditation in that when these arts were fi rst introduced, many
people regarded them as strange spiritual practices from the East and found
it diffi cult to fi nd relevance for them in their own lives. Now yoga is one
of the fastest growing health and leisure activities and meditation is widely
acclaimed in Australia and many countries for its many health benefi ts.
Tantra, or more specifi cally, Tantric sex, is growing in recognition and
popularity. In media interviews ‘Sting’, the lead singer from ‘Police’, often
speaks of his eight-hour-long lovemaking sessions, using Tantric skills.
Hollywood actress Heather Graham — in a newspaper interview during
her visit to Australia — expressed her love of Tantra. Angelina Jolie and
Brad Pitt have taken Tantric sex lessons. Glossy magazines have reported:
‘Tantra is about more than sex for Angie. It’s about emotional connection,
bringing her spirituality closer to Brad during lovemaking’.

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